About AcingAI

The best AI source in the galaxy

Hey there! Welcome to the best AI blog in the galaxy.

This blog was created with the goal of supplying those who are starting out their journey of learning anything AI, with accessible information, lessons and tips on how to break into AI and land your dream job.

Whether you are not sure what a linear regression is, or you are feeling comfortable implementing Autoencoders, Acing AI will help you move forward in your career by providing you strong foundations of the subject, upping your skills, suggesting AI projects ideas, and sharing tips on how to land your first AI job.

Do I have to be an experienced developer to break into AI?

One of the biggest myths in the field is that all AI practitioners are experts, having done their CS PhD in a top university before even getting a job.

While it does help to have the right formal education, and getting a junior position is not an easy task, it is still achievable even if you have no prior knowledge at all! Start learning the basics today to accelerate your transition.

Who are you to offer advice?

We, the creators of Acing AI, are two engineers who not so long ago decided to move into the field of AI. While the transition was not an easy one (one of us was not even a software engineer!), we found that most of the learning resources are either extremely advanced publications suggesting novel additions to already complicated existing methods, or very superficial overviews of what is Machine Learning or Data Science.

Understanding the need for everything in between, from designing your first neural network, to performing anomaly detection on unlabeled datasets, and even laying out those terms themselves, we decided to create Acing AI.

This blog will also describe our very own journey of transitioning into AI, covering how we got started, what resources did we use first, and tips we learned along the way.

Sounds exciting! How do I start?

That’s simple! All you need to do is to decide you are starting this journey. You can start here to understand what you are getting into, then learning the basics, moving forward with learning specialized skills or building an AI project, and tips on how to land your first job in AI.